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Digital Media Expert is offering the best (Search Engine Optimization) SEO services in India, the United States, Australia, Canada, and the UK and all over the world. SEO services help your business reputation in the digital world. We help achieve online visibility and increase ROI. In this competitive business market, all business owners need different methods and ideas or strategies to promote their business than a competitor.
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PPC Optimization

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Our Working Process


Collect Idea

This stage is where we find out more about the nature and purpose of the website and hence who are the target audiences/visitors that the website is to be built to cater. This stage is the basis of what function should the website accomplish. Simply put, this stage is where you find out why you have to build the website.

This is accomplished through a questionnaire to the client which helps you determine what functionalities to add and which ones not to.


Research Project

This is the process where you create a rough schema of how different parts of the website would function in relation to each other. This schema gives you a rough idea as how the website should function as a whole.

On the other hand, a mockup is a rough blueprint as how the website design would look like which is accomplished without utilizing any actual website designing tools.


Start Optimize

This is where the website designer will show how the website in its overall design will look like through rough sketches. This sketch is sent for approval, analyzed and then either approved or sent back for making corrections.

Launch Product

This is where you create all the necessary content for your website. Content creation is not the technical part but is equally crucial since it is the direct communication with your visitors.

Content writing involves targeting keywords, search terms and interesting or informative content relevant to the nature of your business.

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This is exactly why we rely on—and will continue to rely on—your team for your extensive Expression Engine expertise, your exceptional reliability, and your crystal clear communications and organization.

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