Content Curation Tools For Every Skill Level

Content Curation Tools

As with every piece of content that you write, the content you curate must have value. I’m sure we’ve all, at one stage, thought that there has to be an easier way to collecting links and images that may, someday, prove valuable to us. Well, there is, and for each skill level, so every marketer should make use of these content curation tools because they will make your brand/business/company more trusted and reputable.

Pocket (Beginners)

For beginners, Pocket is the number one place to accrue all that content you want to save for later. No more messy notebooks, Word documents, endless bookmarks or countless emails you’ve sent to yourself. Now, all your images, articles and videos are stored in one place for easy reference. There’s a built-in search function, and you can even take advantage of tags to group your curated content together in one neat spot. Pocket also integrates with over 500 other apps, and tweets out their most-saved article on their platform. (Intermediate) falls somewhere between content curation and social media. When you choose a topic, will generate the most relevant articles for you to view and share as well as offer similarly interesting topics or users to follow. Additionally, they send a daily update of the topics you’re following so you stay up to date. One downfall of – it can cost $67/month, with the free version only allowing you to follow one topic.

Curata (Advanced)

What a convenient name for a content curation tool. Curata is a phenomenal tool when it comes to recommending relevant content as it learns and adapts to your preferences, ordering them from most useful to least. Curata also allows users to annotate and create content, enabling you to publish original posts. Users are able to customize and categorize their sources and seamlessly share them all from one place to on social media sites such as Twitter and Google+.

It’s important that you chose a tool based on how important content curation is to your marketing campaign and select the one relevant to your skill level. As your business grows you may find that your need for content curation will also increase. All content curation tools are designed to help keep you organized and save time. The content you share and produce is all-important to how your audience perceives you as a business and sharing the highest quality content will put you ahead of your competitors and establish you as a leader in your industry.

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