Free Marketing Resources: From AdWords To SEO

Free Marketing Resources

At Digital Media Expert, we understand the pressure that the Australian market puts on young and new entrepreneurs. The struggle to stay afloat is one we’ve been helping our clients face for many years now and although we operate on a transparent basis, we believe it’s important for our clients to have some basic knowledge of how to develop their marketing campaigns themselves.

We’re not talking about utilizing the latest tools, add-ons and Chrome extensions that help save on time management. The following free marketing resources come from professional marketers themselves, entrepreneurs who have proved successful in establishing their brand and taking it to new heights. Covering everything from AdWords to SEO and everything in between, these free marketing resources have tips, tricks, and advice for improving your marketing campaign no matter your industry or business goal.


There’s an almost endless list of free marketing resources available today for you to take advantage of. We highly recommend getting advice from the professionals themselves and seeking out books written by leading marketers. We could give a lengthy list of the best ones, but thankfully, BrightEdge has written a blog that reveals what each book covers and their most appealing aspects. Their list involves books for anyone from the beginner stage, right through to the more advanced marketers or entrepreneurs. Though some of these may not be free, it’s always possible to find an online copy or a more affordable eBook version.


Don’t have time to read or watch a 30-minute in-depth video on a product or service? Try listening to a podcast. Great for keeping up to date with industry news, the latest trends and more, podcasts provide detailed information on just about anything under the sun. Do you want the latest tips on marketing? Or are you looking for some help to run a social media profile? Maybe you’re even looking into automation but want some more details. Convince & Convert have a range of podcasts available all categorized for your convenience.


Got some spare time? For those who learn more with visual representations, step-by-step guides, tutorials, and how-to videos can often be a great free marketing resource. You may find that larger companies produce webinars with guest speakers that are experts in their field who will provide valuable information, tips, and tricks for success. Alternatively, you can produce or watch weekly, fortnightly, or monthly videos that discussing a topic relevant to your industry. At Digital Media Expert, we’re a fan of Moz who has a series called ‘Whiteboard Friday’ that delves deeper into popular marketing trends, common mistakes and how to fix them, and just general ‘how to improve’ advice.


Every business should be jumping aboard the blogging bandwagon. Not only do they establish you as a thought leader, but they’re good for your marketing campaigns. Because of this, it’s pretty simple to find a marketing company that publishes their own blogs (including ourselves). A quick Google search of the particular topic you’re researching should produce relevant and significant results.

There’s an abundance of free marketing tools available for those who know where to look. While it’s useful to have the tools and plugins available to you, it’s also important to understand if they’re the best fit for your business. By researching further into your market and how to establish a successful campaign, your business is more likely to succeed.

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