Google+ Gets a Refresh, Again!

Well, what a year it has been for Google+! The widely criticized online platform, which truthfully, was originally created to compete with Facebook, has faced so many twists and turns that the product we see today is vastly different. With Google Photos pulling free from G+ around May this year (and with big success) and with comments on YouTube now only appearing in YouTube, not G+ too, as of July this year, the G+ we see today is much less cluttered, simplified and hopefully, easy and intuitive to use.

The process of achieving this new look G+ seems to have totally revolved around the user experience of those who avidly use the platform. Google even embarked on visiting G+ users in their natural habitats (aka their homes) to see how they use G+ and what they would like to see more of/less of. As a result, the change brings a greater focus on ‘Collections’ and ‘Communities’ portals for users. G+ is an online space where people with common interests can meet, and these topics range from the hugely popular to niche. There are on average 1.2 million new joins to G+ Communities each day. Growing at an even faster rate of knots is Collections, which was only launched five months ago.

18.11.15 – image 3

But wait, there is more! Luke Wroblewski, Product Director at Google, has said in a G+ post that, “we’re definitely not done yet”. So before you go and get too comfy with this latest version of G+, the online chameleon could soon again change its colors. However, in comparison to changes that have been implemented in the past, Google will argue that the G+ platform has more purpose now. You can see this with a more unified look across devices like PC, Android, and IOS. You can try out the new version of G+ by clicking on the Let’s Go button, or, simply head to Settings > Manage other apps & activity > Manage Google+ activity, and click in the search bar.

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What do you think of the new G+ interface? Let us know! If you’re keen to see what else Google+ and Google My Business can do for your business, get in touch with the team at Digital Media Expert now on +61 470 496 137.

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