How Your Landing Page Sets the Tone

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That’s the last thing you want somebody thinking when they land on your website. You’re offering a product or service that the customer wants. You’ve put in the effort to make sure your ads and organic results appear for their searches. All of that is thrown away by an unappealing landing page.

The appearance and content say a lot about both you and your business. Think of it like the first time you’re meeting somebody. If that person wore ill-fitting clothes, has messy or unkempt hair, and spoke in nothing but slurs, you’d be taken aback by their presentation. Your landing page should be no different.

The Rules of a Perfect Landing Page

Now there is good news, and there is bad news.

The bad news is, there is no such thing as a perfect landing page. The good news this leaves us with, is the freedom to create a landing page that both you and your potential customers or clients can be excited about.

With freedom comes numerous choices, which can seem a little overwhelming. Controlling yourself with a few points can keep things on track, and with a focused goal in mind. Now, these aren’t rules, but more guidelines.

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What Does Your Page Say About You?

nice, you’ve reeled in the fish, the absolute last thing you want is a string of pop-ups and a complex layout overwhelming the senses and putting this new visitor’s head into a spin. Be calculated with the images and colors you place onto the page.

What does this image mean? Does it add to the experience I’m giving? Should I add text to make a point? These are all questions you should be asking yourself. Look at things as somebody navigating this page for the first time.

What Do You Even Do?

Something that’s overlooked way too often, is a clear and concise message about what you do and what you are offering the customer and the locations you offer it to. Their search leads them to you is one thing, but if the landing page leaves them confused, they’ll leave your page confused as well.

I Want What You Have. How Do I Reach You?

Easy to reach contact information is a very powerful weapon that is often overlooked. Adding in a small field with a contact phone number and email address can make a world of difference.

Which would you prefer? Finding the information you need, and then spending a further few minutes stumbling around to find a phone number, getting frustrated and cursing the company’s name forever?


Seeing contact details as part of your discovery of this new service-based land, and knowing exactly where you can come back to once you find the answer you need?

If you can make things easier for your visitor without sacrificing the quality of your website, do them and yourself a favor and make it easy. It’s less stress for them, and a potential business opportunity for you. Why don’t you contact Digital Media Expert on +61 470 496 137today to learn how we can help you develop landing pages that people want to be on!

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