Low-Cost SEO Tips For Your Small Business

Running a small business is not always a walk in the park. You can be faced with limited time and a restricted budget for marketing and sales tactics. As a result, it’s easy to focus more on simply running your business while pushing any promotion tactics to the background. One of the best things about creating a website for your business is that it’s low-cost, easy to maintain and implement online marketing and SEO strategies. Regardless of the size of your business, it’s still possible for you to obtain an effective online presence. We’ve got some simple and low-cost SEO tips for your small business to help get you started!

1. Have Your Contact Details On Every Page

It’s important when creating your website that you make it easy for people to get in contact with you. Having your business phone number and email address visible on every page makes it more accessible to potential consumers and therefore more likely for you to make a sale. No matter what page they land on they will be able to contact you without having to search your website for the correct phone number or email address. By doing this, you are opening your business up to further communication and potential.

2. Install Website Statistics And Understand What They Mean

Very often, businesses receive weekly statistic reports and don’t fully understand what all of the information means. Website statistics are important as they reflect on how you are performing and provide you with feedback on the areas that need improvement. These statistics are a roadmap for your website and they provide you with insights on user behavior and the path they take throughout your website. Understanding what these statistics mean is also vital to continuing your website’s success.

3. Avoid Using Generic Web Page Titles

When setting up a website as a small business, it is likely that you have minimal knowledge of SEO and online marketing practices. We recommend that you avoid calling each page the same name, for example, ‘ABC Plumbing’ as this will make it harder for Google to find your website unique and informative. Additionally, do not create a page using the company name followed by a non-descriptive title such as ‘ABC Plumbing – Services.’ These practices can hinder your SEO strategy and will further affect the success of your business.

4. Have More Than 300-400 Words On Every Page

As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended that you include 200-400 words on every webpage to ensure that Google receives enough information for it to rank. When there’s less content on your page, it’s harder to rank highly on search engines as there isn’t a sufficient amount of information to refer to. If you have a competitor in your industry that has more content on every webpage that is useful and relevant to users, they will automatically be ranked over you. The aim is to provide enough information that will help your potential consumers and educate search engines on what your page is about.

Owning a small business can sometimes be difficult. With all the factors surrounding the running of your business, there often isn’t enough time to focus on anything else. Luckily, these quick SEO tips are simple and easy to integrate into your marketing strategy and enhance your chances of success.

If you’re looking for more tips and tricks to help solve the SEO issues you are facing with your small business, contact one of our search engine specialists at Digital Media Expert today on +61 470 496 137.

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