Video Search Optimisation – A Beginner’s Guide

Video Search Optimisation

So, we’ve already discussed the importance of visuals in your content marketing campaign, particularly videos, but we’re yet to touch on how to ensure that it’s optimized for the best results. We know how much time, effort, and money it can cost to produce and edit your video, so we understand the frustration when it isn’t performing as desired. We also happen to know that video search optimization is a little different from your normal SEO techniques, though the goal is still the same –  rank on the search engine results page. Below we’ll run you through some simple but effective ways to increase your video search optimization.

Video Transcript

A video transcript is the written dialogue of your video and can be very useful for search engine optimization if you’ve used relevant keywords in your speech. There are two ways to go about doing this. Firstly by incorporating a transcript to the audio portion of your video, or alternatively, adding it to the description box along with the HTML. These options allow viewers to ‘read’ a video, and therefore you are appealing to both those who like video, and those who prefer text. Transcripts can also be used as a basis for a blog post that links to your video.

Engaging Thumbnail

You know how people say you should never judge a book by its cover, but they do it anyway? The same goes for your video’s thumbnail. The thumbnail is the first thing a searcher’s eyes will be drawn to, therefore it plays a huge role in whether or not they’ll click through and watch it. Make it enticing and relevant, even create your own custom thumbnail if you have the skill, as these tend to receive a 30% higher player rate according to WordStream.

video search optimisation

Host On Your Own Domain

To ensure search engines aren’t directing traffic to another site, you should be hosting the video on your own domain. This increases traffic and improves the ranking of your site. If you have more than one video, Google suggests that you should also be creating a new page for each as it makes the indexing easier. Hosting on your own domain through an online video platform will assist in the building of a sitemap, whereas, if you were to upload the video to YouTube and a link back to your site, search engines are more inclined to suggest YouTube first which essentially means giving away the credit of your original content.

video search optimisation


As always, keywords are a massive part of SEO. Consider the message you’re sending with your video, what’s the topic of discussion? Is there a particular keyword, or a key phrase that stands out? It’s always best to use two or three words, rather than just one broad subject. Try experimenting with different keywords, or even researching the most common hashtags used in your line of business. A great way to find relevant and useful hashtags is by watching influencers in your industry and the keywords they use that create the results that you wish to mirror.

video search optimisation

There are several tactics to try with video search optimization, and while some can be similar to the SEO techniques you’ve used for your blogs or ads, some can differ and be quite difficult to master. This list is a general overview of the most actionable tips to increase your video SEO and simultaneously increase your search engine results page ranking.

If you wish to explore your video search optimization options further, get in touch with our expert SEO team today on +61 470 496 137.

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